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Workpaper buttons do not work

If you click on buttons in a Reportance workpaper and nothing occurs, it is usually a result of Excel disabling the Smart Workpapers Addin which drives this functionality.

To determine if this is the case, go to File menu, and look for the Smart Workpapers tab on the left hand side menu, it should look like this:

If this doesn't appear, you will need to re-enable the addin. 

To fix:

1) Go to File, Options, and select the Add-ins tab. Choose "COM Add-ins" from the Manage drop-downl ist, and click Go...

2) Tick the HowNow Smart Workpapers item, and ensure it has a Load Behaviour of Load at Startup, as follows:

The add-in should now work as normal.

If Excel continues to disable the Smart Workpapers addin after Excel is restarted, perform the following steps:

1) Go to FileOptions, and select the Add-ins tab. Choose "COM Add-ins" from the Manage drop-downl ist, and click Go...

2) Click on the HowNow Smart Workpapers item and select Remove

3) Close Excel

4) Reinstall Reportance from www.reportance.com.au/update

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