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Smart Workpapers can't connect to Reportance File

When working with Smart Workpapers generated from and connected to Reportance, you may run into the above error when attempting to refresh the data. This error is generally caused by the Reportance file being moved from its original location to a new one. If you know where the file is located, you may simply browse to it after pressing okay and that will re-establish the connection. Below are some instructions for retrieving the location directly from HowNow On Premises.

Retrieving Reportance File Location from HowNow On Premises

Step 1. Search for and find the record profile of the Reportance file in HowNow.

Step 2. Right click on the Reportance record and click on "Profile" as shown below.

Step 3. Swap to the "Location" tab and click on the "Browse" button as highlighted below.

Step 4. When the Browse window shows up, right click next to the address in the blank space as shown in the screenshot below. Make sure to click "Copy Address as Text" for the correct file address.

Step 5. Now open your Smart Workpapers file and select the Reportance tab. On the Reportance tab, click "Connection Settings" and then click on the "Select File" button.

Step 6. Paste the address we retrieved from HowNow earlier into the top address bar and press enter. Select the file you wish to link your Smart Workpaper with and then click "Open".

Step 7. Once back to the "Workpaper Settings" screen, press "Save and Load" and you are now reconnected to Reportance.

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