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I can't connect to a MYOB Account Right Live File

If you select Connect on a MYOB Acount Right Live File and the Icon Spins but  doesn't connect to the MYOB file, then maybe your client may have connected their Administrator Login to an Email address. 

According to MYOB this is the correct way to invite an Advisor to your file.

Invite an Advisor to your MYOB file

Another issue that can occur is where your client links their Email address to the Administrator user for the MYOB file.  They would have then created a new user for your firm and linked your email address to it as well.  They may have then not setup an Offline password.

You can setup an Offline Password if you have Online access to their fle.  Click on the link below and from Point 8 follow the instructions to create an Offline Password. 

Setting up an Offline Password

After that when you are creating a Data Source in Reportance you will have to enter  the User Name and Offline Password for that file to connect.  


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