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Client Info

The Client Info screen is the main screen that contains the datasets for your client.

From here you can Add Dataset to add a new Dataset. Click Add Group Dataset will let you create a dataset which is the grouping of two or more other datasets (for example, if an entity had two stores each running their own accounting file, you can group them together to create the entity financial information).

For any individual dataset, you can also Edit and Delete them by click on the relevant button.

If you have added additional entities to this file, this screen will change and also display a list of all entities stored in the Reportance file. The entities are listed in the grid on the left hand side of the screen. When you select an entity in this grid, all the related datasets for this entity appear in the grid on the right hand side.

For both entities and datasets, you can click to Edit or Delete individual records.

You can reorder the entities by dragging and dropping them up or down to a new location within the list.

Note: A Reportance file stores the data for a Client Group. This represents a group of related entities for which you wish to have a consistent chart of accounts across the group.

For a glossary of terms see definitions.

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