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Importing MAS Assets into Reportance

Our Excel import tool contains a convenient utility to convert MAS format data into Reportance.

Refer to the following steps to use:

1) In Reportance, open a client file, navigate to the Assets tab, and select 'Import from Excel', from the 'Options' drop down menu:

This will open our Excel import file. Navigate to the second tab, titled MAS.

Next, export the MAS Full Schedule of Assets - Detailed report to Excel. Reportance will import the Closing Balances from this statement. Right-click the top left of the exported MAS worksheet (where the grids intersect) so as to select all the contents on the sheet and select Copy.

Navigate back to the MAS tab in the Reportance excel import file, and right click in cell 'A1' and click 'Paste'. Then, click the Convert button.

This will parse the MAS report and convert it to the format used for our imports, navigating you back to Sheet1 in the process. You can now select Import Assets from the Reportance tab in Excel and follow the usual procedure for importing assets.

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