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Connecting Workpapers to Reportance

The Workpapers screen in Reportance allows you to select an entity and click Create Workpaper in order to create a new workpaper. This will open Excel and take you to the Workpaper Settings screen where you can set up the workpaper.

Setup Workpaper

The setup workpaper screen, if it doesn't appear when you create the Excel Workpaper, can be found by going to the Reportance tab in Excel and clicking Connection Settings.

This screen lets you select a Reportance file which will supply the data for the workpaper, and select which datasets in Reportance will provide the balances and optionally, the comparative balances.

Reload Workpaper

If you make changes to the financial data in either the client source or in Reportance, you can update the trial balance in your workpaper by going to the Reportance tab in Excel and selecting Refresh Data. This will give you two options:

1) Refresh the data in the workpaper by getting the copy of the trial balance currently stored in the Reportance file.

2) Refresh the data in the workpaper by connecting to the source API. This step performs two processes in one, it first downloads the trial balance from the API, imports this into Reportance, and then refreshes the workpaper data with the newly imported information from Reportance.

Smart Workpapers

For additional information on how to use the Smart Workpapers and their features, please refer to Business Fitness Smart Workpapers help files.

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