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Posting Depreciation Automatically

To post your depreciation journals automatically, please use the following steps.

With your Reportance file open select the Client Info tab, choose your dataset and select Edit. 

Select the Automation tab at the top and press the Depreciation button. (Once you have set up one year, you will be able to copy this year's configuration to next year.)

Now enter the depreciation journal. If your accounts don't exist, Reportance will create them for you. Please note that if a new account is created, this account will need to be allocated to the correct area of the Chart of Accounts once the journal is processed.  

You are able to choose to use either one depreciation account in the profit & loss or to split the depreciation into multiple accounts. 

The journal can be previewed prior to completionl by selecting the Preview button.  This will display as per the screenshot below. Click Close to exit the preview and make any necessary adjustments.

Select Close to exit the depreciation screen. 

Select process automatic journals and you will get a notice to say it has been processed successfully. Select OK.

You can run your reports and the depreciation will have been posted.

Should you need to make any other adjustments or refresh the client's data, press the Automatic Journals button again and it will update the existing journal with the new depreciation figures. 

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