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Assets Reporting

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To review reporting for assets, click on the Reports menu item in the left-hand side menu of the Assets screen.

Direct Reporting

Here, select your options for the report, including:


The type of report, options include:

Full Summary



Pooling - Taxation

Pooling - Accounting

Tax Return Report


Defaults to 'Show All', but select a single Asset Group or Pool as the case may be if you only wish to report on those select assets.


The relevant year you wish to report for

Start Date / End Date

Currently these default to the relevant financial year dates.

Once you are happy with the settings, click on Generate Report to view the report results. You can expand and collapse report sections to view summarised or detailed views of the report, for example:

You can also click on Export to Excel to view an Excel version of the displayed report. 

Adding to Statutory Reports

To add a depreciation report into any statutory report, first access the report template in the Reports screen.

On the Depreciation tab, select Add Depreciation Report to add a depreciation report, which allows you to select report settings as for a direct report. This will include the Excel version of this report in with the main report.

Once added, you can Edit or Delete the depreciation report, and add in additional depreciation reports if you choose.

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