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Account is a unique account number and name combination that Reportance tracks. It comprises one or more Client Accounting System Accounts

Client Accounting System Account is an account number and name combination that is imported from a client accounting file or created on the fly using a journal. These are always linked to an Account, but sometimes multiple Client Accounting System Accounts are linked to the same Account.

Classification refers to the broad account type, whether it is an Asset, Liability, Equity, Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Expense or Other. The classification is used by Reportance to help automatically link accounts to the Master Chart of Accounts. Once an account is linked to the master chart of accounts the classification loses its relevance.

A Client Group represents the entities contained in a Reportance .rep file. Usually these are all related entities for which the user wants a consistent chart of accounts across the group.

A Custom Header is a type of Header Account that a user creates inside a specific Reportance .rep file.

Dataset is a trial balance for an Entity for a given date range.

An Entity refers to either a legal entity (eg, Individual, Partnership, Trust or Company), or a group of related entities (ie a Consolidated Group).

A Header Account is an account in the Chart of Accounts which contains no data directly, but acts as a 'container' in which to group other Accounts. There are two types of Header Accounts, System Headers and Custom  Headers.

The Master Chart of Accounts comprises the Master Headers that Reportance includes by default.

A Matching Rule is a rule that is used to define how to automatically allocate an Account into the Master Chart of Accounts.

The Notes section is a page in the report that contains the selected accounting policies and a list of detailed accounts that make up the totals of referenced accounts on the face of the financial statements.

A Source represents a unique source of trial balance data which correlates to a client accounting file. A source will always be of a Source Type.

A Source Type is either Excel, or one of the API feeds that Reportance can connect to in order to download financial data, for example MYOB AccountRight Live or Xero.

System Header is a Header Account that Reportance includes by default, and cannot be edited.

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